What the ACA Atlantic Division Does

Serving All Paddlers across the Greater Metropolitan Area
supporting education, competition, recreation, stewardship and diversity

The ACA Atlantic Division was founded in 1888, only 8 years after the ACA. Divisions are chartered by the ACA and operate under their own set of by-laws. In accordance with the ACA by-laws, the ACA has placed the management of ACA Camp at Lake Sebago with the Atlantic Division. The day to day operation of the Camp is under the control of the ACA Atlantic Division Camp Committee. In addition to the Camp, the Atlantic Division works for all paddlers across the entire greater Metropolitan area, supporting the ACA missions of education, competition, recreation, stewardship and diversity.

Administrative duties:

  • Negotiates camp lease with Parks and the ACA National Office. Went from a year to year lease to a 10 year lease
  • Maintains the insurance policies covering the camp. Cost have decreased from $20,000 to under $4,000
  • Handles grievances from members about the camp made to the ACA National office, investigates as needed and reports
  • Handles grievances/complaints from members or clubs about the Camp Committee
  • Reviews the Camp Committee membership selections each year

Engages with the all the clubs (approximately 30) in the Atlantic Division and provides support as requested.

  • Encourages non Paddle American Clubs to join the ACA
  • Writes letters supporting clubs as needed
  • Assists clubs facing harassment issues and disability issues
  • Helps clubs/members with issues re ACA insurance and instruction
  • Assisted club in getting grant for the LEAD program


  • Promotes competition at all levels, whether for fun or for world-class athletes
  • Competition includes flat water racing, kayak polo, canoe sailing and inter-club races

 Conservation and Public Policy

  • The conservation committee is involved in aquatic and terrestrial invasive species education and strategy
  • Invasive species elimination and prevention
  • Coordination with other organizations in Harriman State Park
  • Applied for and received a grant for a summer Invasive Species Intern to work at the public dock at Lake Sebago to increase public awareness and understanding of invasive species and help prevent the spread of invasive species in and out of Lake Sebago. 

Property and Camping

  • Developed and maintains the Rental Cabins booking application
  • Trouble shoots and handles problems arising from Rental Cabins


  • Created and runs the Atlantic Division website – aca-atlanticdivision.com
  • Maintains a list of all the clubs in the Atlantic Division
  • Administers and creates content for the Lake Sebago Facebook page and the Atlantic Division Instagram account