Reporting DEI Infractions

How To Address DEI Infractions

If an ACA member or guest believes that they have been treated inappropriately because of their race, ethnicity, gender identity or other difference, as described in the ACA Lake Sebago Camp Rules , they should report the incident to the Camp Director or a member of the Camp Committee, and through the on-line or paper version of our incident report form (see below).

All reported incidents will be referred to the ACA Lake Sebago DEI Sub-Committee for review. The DEI Sub-Committee will meet to hear the complaint, and then hear the response of the person whom the complaint is made against. Identities of both parties will be kept private to the extent possible.

The DEI Sub-Committee will seek to resolve the issue through communication between the affected parties. If this fails to resolve the issue, the DEI Sub-Committee will determine an appropriate resolution or sanction and recommend this to the ACA Lake Sebago Camp Committee. The Camp Committee will vote to adopt or reject the DEI’s recommendation. If the recommendation is rejected, the affected member or guest will be informed of options to appeal the issue with/to Atlantic Division or ACA DEI National.

DEI Incident Report Form:

If you as an ACA member or guest believe that you have been racially or otherwise profiled and treated in an unwelcoming or inappropriate manner at the ACA Camp at Lake Sebago, you are encouraged to lodge a complaint via this on-line incident report form. This report is also available as a paper form, which you can request from the Camp Director.

Even if the alleged offender can’t be identified, it is important to know the occurrence of discriminatory and otherwise inappropriate behaviors, as defined by the ACA Lake Sebago DEI Guidelines.

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