Canoe Sailing History

Lake Sebago and the ACA are key participants in this sport and its creation.

Canoe Sailing at Lake Sebago

The founding fathers of the ACA were avid canoe sailors who designed, built and used their sailing canoes for cruising, racing and paddling. And this tradition has continued at Lake Sebago ever since the ACA located its activities there in 1935, with a number of its present-day sailors using ‘state of the art’ carbon fiber hulls specifically designed for sailing canoe racing (by one of our more talented sailors) and adopting the latest innovations in sail design and rigging, to compete in the trophy races held every season on Lake Sebago. Including the ‘Lady Bug’ Cruising Class Trophy that, except during the I & II World Wars, has been sailed for every year since its introduction in 1907.

Atlantic Division Sailing Committee

Lake Sebago and its historic campground is the home of the Atlantic Division Sailing Committee, which offers a variety of Competitive, Recreational and Educational programs and opportunities for the ACA membership.


Every season the Sailing Committee runs the following trophy sailing races at Lake Sebago:

  • ACA Class – Divisional Championship
  • Lady Bug Trophy -Divisional Cruising Class Championships
  • Wilkinson Trophy – National Cruising Class Championships
  • C Class (5 meter) Divisional Championships
  • ADK Trophy – Cruising Class – Two sailors to a boat
  • Sebago Series – Cruising Class
  • John Komp Trophy – Cruising Class
  • Kay Ryan Trophy – Ladies’