Hilltop is suitable for large families and groups of up to sixteen people. It provides a lounge area and a separate kitchen with cold running water where you can wash dishes. There is also a hot water dishwashing station located in front of the small restroom. Three bedrooms sleep up to sixteen people each in bunk beds. It is adjacent to the camp recreation room. There is a charcoal grill for your use. Please bring your own charcoal and clean and cover it when you are finished. Also, please bring your own firewood and matches if you plan on building a fire in the firepit. Registration and availability calendar below.

The rate is $65 a night, $350 a week (7 x discounted rate of $50 per night) except for the week of July 4 when the rate is $455. There is a minimum rental of 7 nights, Monday to Monday, from July 1 to August 25. However, if a cabin is not rented by Tuesday of any given week, shorter rentals will be considered for the balance of that week at a rate of $65 a night. Please email Alana Miller at [email protected] for more information about this option. Note: there is also a three-day minimum rental on Memorial day and Labor Day weekends with a rate of $210.

Note:  there will be a $350 refundable deposit for all Hilltop rentals.  This will be refunded after your stay as long as all daily and season pass fees are paid and the cabin is left clean.

Only a current Atlantic Division adult member twenty-one years and older may rent a cabin up to a limit of three continuous weeks. Each ACA member and their household may have only three separate reservations open at any given time and no more than two in any 30-day period in order to ensure that as many members can have access to the cabins.

You are responsible for following all camp and rental cabin rules and including payment of daily camp fees or having a season pass for everyone in your group prior to your reservation being approved.  A full listing of all camp and rental cabin rules will be provided to you when your reservation is confirmed.  Once a rental is approved, it is non-refundable unless there are extenuating circumstances.   

NOTE:  We have retained a cleaning service that comes on Mondays.  If you are checking in on any other day, it is possible that the cabin has not been professionally cleaned.   So if you want a professionally cleaned cabin, you must check in on a Monday.  If you choose another day you may have to clean it yourself depending on when the last time it was rented. 

System hints:  if your rental request spans two months, have both months in front of you before you click the first day.  The click on the first day you want to book and the click on the day you want to check out.  Also, check spam for emails if you don’t receive a confirmation right away.

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