ACA Rental Cabin Policies

Staying overnight at the ACA Camp at Lake Sebago

Camp closed until further notice due to storm damage

Conditions in camp are extremely dangerous

We are not accepting any new rentals due to camp closing.

What We Offer

Four rustic cabins and a primitive ground tent site are available for ACA members’ use for up to three continuous weeks in the ACA camp at Lake Sebago in Harriman State Park. The rental season is from May 1st through October 15th, 2024. Rentals can be booked through our online booking system here: rental cabins info

The cabins

Lakeside (505), Overlook (518), Bliss (523) and Hilltop Lodge (501). Each cabin has electricity, a refrigerator, a cooking stove, microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker, table and chairs, dishes, pots and pans, cleaning supplies, tableware, screened windows and beds (no bedding). Each has a picnic table, fire pit and a charcoal grill. Other than Hilltop which has cold running water, there is no running water in the cabins but water is available nearby. There is a separate dishwashing station with hot water.

We also have a primitive tent site that can be reserved for ground camping. There is a fire pit and a picnic table (no electricity).  

Information and pictures of each cabin can be found at: rental cabins info


The camp provides two separate restrooms with flush toilets. One restroom has hot water and showers. There is a swimming dock, boat-launching areas, hiking on marked trails, and fishing with a NYS fishing license for all sixteen years and older.  Dishes must be washed at the dishwashing station in front of the small restroom which has hot running water and at no other place in camp.

Eligibility & Time

Only a current American Canoe Association adult member twenty-one years and older may rent a cabin up to a limit of three continuous weeks. Each ACA member and their household may have only three separate reservations open at any given time and no more than two in any 30-day period to ensure that as many members can have access to the cabins. 

Note: Exceptions may be considered in connection with Camp-sponsored events.

The rental season is divided into “high” and “low” seasons. “Low season is May 1st to June 30th, as well as September 1st to October 15th, as they are considered less busy times. Single night rentals are available during the low season.

“High” season starts July 1st to August 29th and there is a minimum rental of 7 nights.

However, if a cabin is not rented by Tuesday of any given week, shorter rentals will be considered for the balance of that week at the single night rate noted below. Please email the registrar at [email protected] for more information on single day rentals during the high season.


Lakeside, Overlook & Bliss:  $35 a night, $210 a week, $280 for a holiday week (July 4th), $120 holiday weekend (Memorial Day and Labor Day  weekends).

Hilltop is $65 a night, $350 a week, $455 for a holiday week (July 4th).  There is also a 3-day minimum rental on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends with a rate of $210.  Note:  a refundable $350 fee is required for Hilltop which we will be returned once all membership and use fees are paid.

Rental Rules

The cabin rental rates listed above are IN ADDITION to your ACA membership and camp fees. You are responsible for following all camp and rental cabin rules and including payment of daily camp fees or having a season pass for everyone in your group, including guests and visitors.  A full listing of all camp and rental cabin rules will be provided to you when your reservation is confirmed.  According to the park rules, you are not allowed to bring pets into the camp.  Once a rental is approved you can cancel with a full refund up to two weeks prior to the start of your rental. Within two weeks of the rental is non-refundable unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Guest Policy

An ACA member may share their cabin with ACA members and non-ACA members and are required to be present in camp at all times when guests are using the rental facility. The ACA member who invites a guest to stay in their cabin is responsible for ensuring payment of all applicable daily use fees.  

How to Book

The system allows you to see what dates are available and to register and pay online.  Each facility has a separate page where you will find a calendar that  shows current availability.  The dates are color-coded and will  either be “available,”  “booked” or “pending.” If it shows as available, click on the first and last day that you wish to rent. 

Note:  the rental rules in place are loaded into the calendar meaning that if there is a 2-day, 3-day or 7-day minimum rental period, the calendar will not let you book a shorter period.  If you are interested in renting for less than the minimum, contact the registrar at [email protected] to determine if your request is possible and to book offline.

If the calendar is showing as pending, that means that someone else has requested those dates and their booking is being reviewed. If there is a date that you want that is not available to book, email the registrar to let her know in case there is a cancellation.

Please make note of membership cost and camp fees before you make your reservation. ACA membership, daily fees and guest fees are not included in the rental amounts listed on this page. Camp fees can add up quickly, especially if you plan to invite many guests to visit or stay with you. When you make a reservation, you are promising to pay the appropriate fees for your whole party and all your guests.

Daily Use Fees

All daily fees for rental cabins renters must be paid in advance. Following confirmation of your rental, you will receive an invoice with a link to PayPal from the Camp Director if you do not have a season pass.  Confirmation of these payments must be received before your rental begins. Your reservation will be cancelled if you do not pay camp fees before you visit camp.

Cabin Cleaning

Renters are expected to clean their cabin including washing all dishes and removing trash prior to departure. We have also hired a professional service that will clean the cabins on Mondays in between weekly rentals.  However, in the low season where cabins can be rented for a shorter period of time, there may be situations where the cabin has not been professionally cleaned following the previous renters’ departure. In these instances, there will be cleaning supplies provided, but you may wish to clean the cabin upon your arrival.

Information on each cabin can be found here.

Registrar:  Alana Miller
Email:  [email protected]

[email protected] for any technical questions.