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Our camp is an ACA member benefit, and is only open to ACA members. All adults must be ACA members. Visit to join or renew.

You can get a key from the Camp Director, who’s located in cabin 525 at the top of the hill in camp. You’ll need to show proof of your ACA membership. Contact the Camp Director to make arrangements to visit for the first time, unless you’re visiting with a member who has keys.

Children younger than 18 do not need to join the ACA. Anyone 18+ must be a member.

You should be prepared to show your actual membership card or confirmation of membership on your phone. The camp director will ask to see it.

If you have a season pass, you can bring guests with you.

Someone who is not an ACA member may visit camp for one day or overnight to look over the camp and see if membership is right for them. After that they must join the ACA to visit again. We charge double the ACA-member daily rate for non-members.

Yes, and they must pay the appropriate daily fees. If you have a season pass, you may have visitors who are not ACA members, and they must pay the non-member daily rate. If you do not have a season pass, you may not have visitors who aren’t ACA members. Any ACA member can visit you.

You get one free day in camp if you’re a new ACA member. After that you will pay entrance fees.

We charge $10 per day ($5 per child under 18; up to $20 per family) to visit the camp. Seniors pay $5 per day. This is per calendar day. (The fees are doubled for non-ACA members.)

Fill out an envelope and put the payment into the locked cash box on the bulletin board in the large parking lot.

We can sell you a season pass for unlimited visits to the camp from May 1st through October 15th of this year. It costs $65 for an adult, $50 for a senior, $30 for a person under 18 and $150 for a family. Buy a Season Pass here.

We define a family as two adults plus all the children under 18 in their care. Two grandparents plus their grandchildren may be a family – but in this case the parents will need to purchase their own season passes or pay daily fees when they visit.

No, all the boats in camp are owned by individuals or clubs. You can contact the clubs directly to see if they are accepting members and find out their fees and rules. Clubs in the Atlantic Division can be viewed here

You can bring a boat and use it for the day. We do not have any spots for boat storage at this time (as of March, 2023). Boat storage policies

You can only swim from the swimming dock, which is reached by walking through the Pavilion at the top of the hill, and walking down a steep hill to the edge of the lake. You may not swim off any other docks.

We have lifeguards on duty from 11 – 7 every day, from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, and on some weekends in spring and fall depending on weather. When lifeguards are off duty, we require two adults to be in the swimming area while someone is swimming. One of those adults must remain on the dock. You swim at your own risk. You must not swim after dark.

You can fish off any dock in camp except the swim dock. You can use a net at the swim dock, but no hooks or fishing rods. You can fish on the lake, but you need a New York State license, which you can get from most sporting shops.

Each person must sign into the log in the parking lots, every day. Each person should list their name on a separate line, and write so it can be read!

We have a bear-proof garbage bin in the large parking lot. Don’t leave garbage outside at any time. Don’t leave garbage overnight in your cabin, platform or tent site. It may attract bears and raccoons.

No dogs or any other pets are allowed in our camp per NYS Parks Department and camp rules. You can’t leave your dog in a car, and you can’t bring it into a cabin. Please leave your pets at home.

Check out our rental cabin offerings at : Rental Cabins. We have four cabins for rent, for groups of up to 12 people. We also have a ground camping site. Details can be found on the website.

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