Facililty Holders and Clubs

Information for folks who are renting a cabin or tent platform for the full season.

Facility Holders and Clubs Documents

ACA members are eligible to apply to lease a cabin or a tent platform if they meet certain criteria. In each of the 3 years prior to application, applicants must have served for a minimum of 15 hours as a working member of an ACA committee (Executive, National, Divisional or Camp Committee or their subcommittees). See the application and the multi-year rules for all of the details.

Applications for the 2023 season are due December 31, 2022


Please download the applications for:
Individuals  Individual Facility Application 2022

Clubs: Club Facility Application 2022

For Current Facility Holders, individuals as well as clubs, reports are due November 15 for the 2022 season.

Download forms:
Individuals: Individual Cabin & Tent Platform Report 2022

Clubs: Club Cabin & Tent Platform Report 2021

Other documents:

Download forms:
Individuals: Individual Cabin & Tent Agreement 2021

Clubs: Club Cabin & Tent Platform Agreement 2021

For all:

Host and Sanitation Checklist

Multi-Year Assignment and Retention Rules

For more information contact sebagoselection@gmail.com