ACA Camp at Lake Sebago

Boat Storage Policy

No boat storage spots are available for the 2024 season. Any boat stored in camp in 2023 may retain its storage spot.

Boat Storage Policies

  • The American Canoe Association is not responsible for damage to or loss of boats for any reason, including (but not limited to) accidents, theft, vandalism, animal activity and natural disasters. All boats are stored at their owner’s risk.
  • There is no charge to ACA members who bring a boat into camp for the day. Boats may be kept on top of a car free of charge while the owner is visiting camp. All boats stored overnight on any type of rack at camp will be assessed a storage fee.
  • ACA members who hold a season pass may store a boat on an approved rack for $30 per season (May 1-Oct 15).
  • There is a size limit to boats that may be stored on racks. Larger boats must be moored.

Club and Facility Holders

  • Club boats may be stored on an approved rack for $10 per season (May 1-Oct 15).
  • Clubs with a facility in camp, which do not have another location, may store up to 20 boats/SUPs in camp without charge.
  • Clubs are assigned racks that each club will manage. The Camp Director manages all other racks. All racks will be numbered; club racks will be clearly marked. The Camp Director is responsible for the assignment of storage spaces on racks or moorings for general ACA members. The assigned spot is yours; do not take another person’s spot.
  • The Camp Committee will decide where and how many racks are in camp. Do not build your own racks without written permission from the Camp Committee.
  • Facility holders may keep four boats stored at no charge. Any boats over this number may be stored in an assigned spot for $10 per season.
  • Clubs will provide the Camp Director with an up-to-date boat list. A Camp Committee member will periodically walk through camp and validate that the lists are correct.

General Rules

  • ACA members renting Bliss, Lakeside, Overlook, Hilltop and the camping area may keep boats at no charge for the duration of their visit in an assigned space, subject to availability. See the Camp Director for an assignment.
  • Boats may not be stored on the ground, walkways, roads, parking lots, docks or tied up to docks. The Camp Director may grant exceptions, e.g. sailboat races. Written approval must be obtained from the Camp Director for these exceptions.
  • During the day, boats shall be properly stored immediately upon end of use. No boat shall be left unattended on the ground, dock or tied up to a dock for more than fifteen minutes. Do not leave your boat on or tied to a dock; other people need to land and launch.
  • All boats stored in camp for the season must have an official ACA boat sticker with a unique id assigned by the Camp Director. Any unidentified boats in camp may transferred to the Camp Committee to be sold at auction, moved, or discarded.
  • Any boat stored on a rack in camp out of season (10/16-4/30) will be assessed a $100 off-season boat storage fee. Facility holders may store their boats inside or under their cabin or in the pavilion without charge over the winter.
  • The camp does not own boats for the use of ACA members. All boats in camp belong to either individuals or clubs. Do not use a boat without the owner’s permission.
For questions about the policies, contact the camp director Beth Bloedow – [email protected]