Canoe/Kayak Polo

Paddle and ball sport played by two teams of five players

Canoe/Kayak Polo

Kayak Polo (known as Canoe Polo in Europe) is an exciting and fun game!

It is a paddle sport played by two teams of five in open water or a pool within a rectangular enclosure. The games are split into two halves of ten minutes. The objective is to score in the opponent’s goal, which is suspended above the water at each end of the pitch. The ball used in kayak polo is the same as in water polo but can be controlled by hand or by paddle.

The kayaks used in kayak polo are smaller and lighter than typical kayaks to help with quick movement and maneuverability, and paddles have a thicker rounded edge to prevent injury.

Kayak polo games have been played in the U.S. since the first half of the 20th century, although it was likely different stylistically from the modern game.

Lake Sebago Kayak Polo

We play kayak polo on Lake Sebago generally every weekend during the summer season.

Almost all of our sessions are for first-timers and beginner-friendly, though all skills and levels are welcome. We provide most of the gear and instruction. As you improve you will want to get your own gear so it fits better and you can improve your skills better. 

Members of our club go to national and international tournaments and championships every year. So we’re always looking for new players and people who want to try this fun sport and grow with it.

You’ll find that it’s a very addicting sport once you start playing. So come out and give it a try!

You can find out more about our sessions on our Meetup page:

Find all the upcoming kayak polo events at Lake Sebago on the Events page. Just search for kayak polo. You’ll find events happening all summer.
A short video about the sport